Studying The Subject Of Mosquitoes And The Diseases That They Spread

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If you were to ask a class of students or even a group of adults which animal is the most fear inducing animal in the world, you will probably hear a range of answers from lions to tigers to sharks. However, of all the animals and insects in the world, the most dangerous is indeed the little mosquito who can kill thousands and yet, not many people pay a lot of attention to the mosquito or to actively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. The irony is that although mosquitoes take the lives of thousands and potentially millions every year, these deaths can be prevented by each person paying attention to their surroundings to make sure that there is no area in which a mosquitos can breed.

Things that you can do in your own home

Most mosquitoes breed in our own homes which is why it is vital for us to take care of our surrounding and make sure that there is no area or nothing in our homes that have water stagnant for a long time. If you have a garbage bin, make sure that it is always closed because small amounts of water from the rain can collect in plastic containers and such which can cause the breeding of mosquitoes. If you have gutters, you will need to get a gum leaf gutter guard to cover the gutter to prevent leaves from falling in and blocking the drainage. More often than not, leaves in the wind fall in to our gutters without our knowledge and they cause our gutters to get blocked.

Having a good gutter guard system can prevent this and therefore prevent the collection of stagnant water in the gutter causing the breeding of mosquitoes. In addition to this, there is an area behind every fridge that collects water and mosquitoes are known to breed in this area too.These diseases spread by mosquitoes take millions of lives but if each of us takes responsibility, we can prevent the spread of the disease and potentially even eliminate it completely from the earth. It is not just our homes that we need to be careful about but the areas outside out homes as well. As human nature goes, we tend to think of certain public areas as “not our duty” to clean up but when these areas are dirty, it is our own families that will get sick and die which is why you should take responsibility and clean wherever you go. You can check out more here