Safe And Environmentally Friendly Co- Habitation

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Digging for gold, precious stones, archeological remains and mostly oil from all over the world has been going on for as long as man has been on earth. Humans though have gone about this activity with no thought for the consequences for the earth’s core and the irreversible damage it could cause for the future of this our only planet. The disturbance of wildlife departure directions and habitations from noise contamination, transportation movement and electrical fences are just some of the disruptions that the animal and human species have to undergo for the greed of a few humans.

When the subject of drilling for oil is ever mentioned environmentalists fight back with the dire warning of what long lasting  irrevocable impacts  the earth will have to endure if these project go ahead, but is most cases the insatiability for  money and power wins the day and man kinds demise draws near. Having said the above though excavation Melbourne digging methods are being looked into by some companies and research is being done to fast tract this process. Instead of labor-intensive or motorized power driven digging methods, excavation divisions use water or air to breakdown soil and by so essentially eradicating any risk of earth shattering   damage. These non-destructive digging methods of using hydro or air will have less of an environmental back lash than the conventional way of drilling. Whenever oil is bought up from the earth or ocean floor other toxic chemicals such as mercury and arsenic are released back into the seas which cause havoc to sea animals for generations to come.

Environmental impacts of mankind’s actions
Natural systems are exceedingly intricate, and will fall prey to grave environmental concerns when troubled by human action. Amplified automobile noise circulation at oil drilling sites significantly contributes to noise pollution. The absolute need for nature and mankind to correlate for the productive existence of all species has not penetrated the minds of humans. Human beings need to understand that ‘nature’ does not depend on us dumb humans, but that human beings cannot exist without the protection of Mother Nature. Nature has survived for eons, but civilizations have come and gone through the centuries never to be seen again. The arrogance of humans to only take and not give back to the earth have now come a full circle and mankind is at its end because of its greed. Nature keeps sending us humans multiple warnings of the results of our insatiability, but we keep taking from under and above the ground with no thought for the future of humans.

Many of us understand the consequences of our actions but are powerless to act due to the interference of corrupt governments’ worldwide.  Maybe the earth needs more natural disasters to remind us foolish humans the result of our actions.